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NocheVieja en Valencia

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If you’re looking for a Hotel in Valencia for Christmas then stay in our aparthotels ValenciaFlats and hotels in Valencia

Valencia is a nice city to spend Christmas Holiday,  nice temperatures will make your holidays warmer than in other European cities. There are many things to do during Chritsmas in Valencia, for example a nice tour in the city centre, those days the “Plaza del Ayuntamiento” is surrounded by thounsands of led lights and an ice skating rink.

Christmas in Spain is a magical time of the year not only because the sun is always shining but because there are many Christmas traditions that you will love.

  • The weather in Valencia is great and you can find many cheap flights so can do all your Christmas shopping at half the price whilst also enjoying a trip to Valencia.
  • In Valencia, and Spain in general, there isn’t the slow build up to Christmas from September onwards as there is in the UK.
  • Just a few weeks before Christmas all the streets and shops are ablaze with lights, seasonal decorations and nativity scenes (nacimientos/belénes) are on display in homes and throughout the city.
  • The joy of Christmas is reflected in the friendly people in the bustling streets of Valencia and the annual nativity scene and huge Christmas tree in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • One of most exciting things to do at Christmas in Valencia, especially if you’re a child, is to go the fair! Check out the following.





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