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Curiosities about “Las Fallas”

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Curiosities about Fallas

We want to tell you about the most curious anecdotes of this feast declared of Internacional Turistic Interest.

  • When is the very first news about the Fallas dated?

The oldest document found mentioned las fallas as a feast with some “ninots”(puppets) burning, is a municipal edict from 1740.

There´re some writings before that where the word falla is mentioned  but refering to bonfires used as signals like “ la falla del Micalet”

  • There´s a Mascletá made from….Harley Davidson motor bikes!

In March the 12th a Mascletá is performed with Harley Davidson bikes. Last year edition, more than 60 Harleys were involved to celebrate this new type of Mascletá with the Harley´s roaring

  • There was a falla designed by Salvador Dalí.

The painter designed probably the rarest falla in history. It´s not our opinión but what was said by the citizens then (1954), they weren´t used to such modernities. So much, the structure planned by Dalí was thecnically no feasible and had a lot of troubles to be constructed.

  • Fallas are celebrated even … inArgentina.

Apart from most of the valencian municipalities and some from Alicante and Castellón, Fallas are celebrated in other countries such as Argentina, where from 1959, the valencian community there holds their own version of Fallas.

  • Are Las fallas been burnt always in March the 19th?

No.Las Fallas first were burnt on Sant Joseph´s eve, the 18th.They were planted in the night from 17 to 18, and when the sun set, they were burnt. In the XIX century there are some sporadic cases of catafalques burning in the 19 night but it was in 1892 when “the burning” was established to have place in Saint Joseph´s day.In these days there´s an attempt to change the day to the third Monday of March by economic reasons

  • How much does las fallas cost?

According to a study of the Fallas de Valencia Interassociation, las fallas involved around 750 millions of euros in the last years.Here are included all the building expenses, pyrotechnics, hotel business, transport, lottery, music bands, drinks, flowers, buses, dry clearing, security and others.

  • What do the fallas artists do the rest of the year?

Many fallas artists apart from make these magnificent monuments, make others than last longer than las fallas. Some of the sculptures placed in thematic Parks as Terra Mítica or Port Aventura have been made by fallas artists, not only in Spain but in Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, even in Parque España (Japan)


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