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Hotel for Easter in Valencia

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Are you looking for a hotel for Easter in Valencia ?

Being spring nearly set, our outmost desire is to enjoy sunny days if we are lucky and leisure hours with nor timetables or responsibilities.It’s time for renewal. In Valencia, on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, is celebrated from a long time with joy and masive outings to the beaches, the countryside, the parks; definetely, in the open air with two Basic elements : “La mona” or “Panquemado” and the “Catxirulo”.

La mona, a sweet cake made from wheat and eggs, is eaten in other parts of Spain too with some different elements and decoration but here it uses to have a stylized animal shape, most of them reptiles and birds or braids. It has a coloured painted boiled egg that you must “break” in some friend´s forehead .

There are monas with chocolate eggs which are more popular to the children.

It´s worth while to pay a visit to some of the hundreds of pastry shops in the town and villages just to look at its shop windows displaying elaborated chocolate constructions and figures. The confectioners compete in skill and talent.

The “Panquemado” hasn´t any egg and you´ll find it all year round. Best if it´s eaten with our “longaniza de Pascua” a dried and tasty sausage

The “Catxirulo” or “Cachirulo” is a flat light kite, made of thatch or cane and paper, in the old days. Sometimes film posters, or any others were used instead of newspaper. These days, the sky will be crowded with flying kites, in public places such as beaches but specially along the old river Turia bed. Todays they are made of new material and have an aerodinamic shape.

If you are looking for a hotel for Easter in Valencia we recommend you our flats of Valenciaflats Ciudad de las Ciencias or our rooms of Valenciaflats Rooms near to the beach and just 100m from the City of Arts and Sciences.

So, you know. Easter Holidays : Pic-nic ( mona + longaniza) open air and if there´s some wind, we could run our kites!!  Happy Easter!!


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