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Meet Umbria in Italy

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Are you planning a trip to Italy and haven´t yet made up where? We recommend you Umbria, a wonderful place in the middle of the country where you would lodge in if you´re looking for the best hotel in Umbria, in its web you´ll find it.

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The Umbria is a region in the centre of Italy, borders to the east and northeast on Las Marcas, west and northwest onLa Toscanaand to the south and southwest on The Lacio and there´s an enclave in Las Marcas belonging to the municipality of Città di Castello. The main city is Perusa, in italian, Perugia, an important cultural place: two universities and international artisticshows, wealthy museums and magnificent pieces of art and buildings in the historical centre. A cosmopolitan town with great turistic interest


In Literature Umbria is called sometimes “il cuor verde d´Italia” ( the green heart of Italy)

The territory is dominated by the hills and mountains and has few plain land. The region offers a great variety of morphological characters and landscaping by a serie of valleys and mountain chains that confere it its great beauty.

What´s to be discovered? Why look for a hotel in Umbria?

The charm of Umbria comes from the joining between art and nature, from the peace and quietness that its places inspire, from its reinassance pieces of art, from its picturesque medieval towns up in the hills like Gubbio. Gubbio is the oldest village in Umbria reaching its best in the Middle Age; Tha Catedral, The Palacio of the Cónsuls symbol of the town and the Ducal Palace are only some examples that turn this place into a jewel.

Another fascinating place is Orvieto with its famous Catedral, the Duomo, a italian gothic master piece of art and the Pozo di San Patricio, an engineering masterpiece in the middle of two spiral staircases which don´t meet, with 248 stairs leading us to the water62 m. deep.

Spoleto, the picturesque place, has arquitectonic medieval and reinassance vestiges by its ancient history. Stonepaths and aged old buildings will decorate the best landscape for a perfect journey.

Between art and spirituality, it´s definitely an unforgettable expierence the visit to the medieval town of Asís, “World Heritage” by the UNESCO because it gathers a “collection of masterpieces from the creative human genious”

Everything here talks aboutSan Francisco, italian patron, its most illustrious citizen, from the Basílica where his remains lay till the Eremo delle Carceri ( the prisons chapel) out the city walls, a place whereSan Franciscoleft to pray.

Asis is a nice and cheerful place and its people want to share its oldest traditions like the Calendimaggio, turning the town into an old medieval village inhabited by knights and ladys, archers and standard beares.

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