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Visiting the City of Arts and Sciences

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The City of Arts and Sciences has become without doubt in an embelmatic icon of the city of Valencia. The impressive architectural buildings designed by Santiago Calatrava hots several spaces devoted to scientific and cultural divulgación ehre elder and younger people can have fun and at the same time learning.

Ciudad Artes Ciencias Valencia - Apartamentos Valenciaflats

Image The City of Arts and Sciences website

The City of Arts and Sciences has the following spaces:


It is the biggest sala-planetario in Spain. Due to a proyeccion system on a 900 metres squared concava scream we can enjoy spectaculat images about astronomy and entertainment.

Prince Felipe Science Museum

This museum is a world landmak (referente) focused on showing to the world Science, Technology and Environment from a kudica perspective and paying attention to interaction. Its lema is “it is prohibited not touching, no feeling, no thinking”. It has 26,000 squared meters in a spectacular building that hosts exhibitions ans spaces for talleres didacticos y actividades. Moreover, it has been sede of several social and cultural events such as Campus Party or concerts such as MTV.


Oceanográfic is the biggest acuario in Europe. 100,000 squared meters representing the most important ecositemas marinos. It hosts 45,000 ejemplarse of 500 different spices in 42 million water litres. We can find from spider carbs to pinguins, dolfins, sharcks, sea lions, morsa and even birds from humid areas: an ideal visti for the whole family

Arts Palace

Queen Sofia Arts Palace is the Opera theater of Valencia (Spain) and sede of the Valencian Community Orchestra. It is a building with a peculiar architecture equpioped with the most modern technologies for ophera and musical performance. It has several 1,500 people halls capacity for Ophera, concerts, theater and danmcing. Without any doubt it is the incomparable frame fro enjoying the most important world works, play , performance.


Umbracle is a 17,500 squared meter spectacular garden space. Its modern construction highglighs . Destaca por su moderna construcción en la que una serie de arcadas cubren un jardín de vegetación de la región mediterránea y de países tropicales, que varía a lo largo del año. This space is also a panoramic mirador for all the city and an oper air art gallery with sculptures of contemporary artists.


Agora is a big covered square made as multifuctional space fro posting events such as congresse, conventions, concerts and other events. It has been the sed of tennis Valencia Open 500, Burn Freestyle Spain Cup and for next years Valencia Fashion Week,
pasarela de moda valenciana.

A hotel in the City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is considered as one of the most beautiful in Valencia and for some visitors it is an infection point for admiring the architectural beauty of the city.

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